Internet landed in Cuba

At last there are broadband WiFi conections. Through Nauta, cubans now can make videocalls, edit the Wikipedia, etc. From abroad, you can send a recharge to a Nauta account.

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What is Nauta?

Nauta is a new service from ETECSA that offers broadband WiFi Internet connections in public spaces, hotels, etc throughout Cuba. Nauta accounts can be recharged from abroad and cost 2 CUC per hour.

How to setup a Nauta Account

Cuban WiFi Network

  • 35 WiFi access points in city centers and parks opened on July 2, 2015.
  • Many more access points in hotels and businesses where Nauta permanent account are accepted.
  • Up to 1 Mbps connection speed, if not too many people are sharing their connections.
  • Price is 2 CUC per hour of connection.
Map of public WiFi access points

Videocalling, at last

IMO is very popular in Cuba for both voice and video calling. The "sharing economy" flourishes via hundreds of Connectify hotspots that share a single paid connection among several people.

“Ponme ahí a mi nieta”

35 WiFi public Access Points in Cuba


WiFi Access Points


Online reunions



How does Nauta work

ETECSA ofiices

Bring ID and 2 CUC to any ETECSA point of sale office

Open Account

Request a new permanent Nauta account. You'll receive an account name (i.e [email protected]) and password

WiFi Access

Locate a nearby public Access Point, hotel or business and connect with your account name and password


Go to to change password, check account balance, etc.


The cost is 2 CUC per hour but it works well for voice calls, even video calls, etc.

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